The first A&J was held in a disused shop in Lower Marsh, Waterloo and ran for 8 months in 2012. Funded through a s106 contribution combining public art and engagement, Lambeth Council encouraged a combination of creative expression and community participation and enables the project to be launched. 

Over 8 months, the workshops were attended by over 400 different people. Participants attending created hundreds of items for the local area - allotment beds, shop signage, bird boxes, bee hotels, street furniture, play equipment, a wooden advent tree calendar, window displays, market stalls and street planters. 


Trevenson Park in Cornwall is a housing project designed by HTA with a selection of Custom Build homes. As part of our community engagement programme, we ran workshops with participants creating their own custom build bird boxes for custom build homes. People built and decorated their own bird boxes and took them away to encourage local species to nest in them. 


As part of the public engagement programme at the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark Assemble and Join was housed in two shipping containers. The established programme of designing days and making days resulted in the individuals and groups participating to decide chess tables, signs, skateboard ramps and football targets were needed in the play areas and open spaces. A lot of fun was had by the participants from HTA and local residents.

Throughout its history HTA’s work with a community for that community has repeatedly proven to be successful and rewarding for all involved. Engaging local people in decisions about public art where they live, work and shop, Assemble and Join is an innovative means of public engagement, a simple idea that puts sophisticated technology to use and continues to be popular. 


Following the success of Lower Marsh, we were asked to run a series of workshops at Frenchay and Southmeads hospital in Bristol. Christopher Jarratt took the lead and ran the projects with hospital staff, culminating in a Speed Racer Derby with wooden race cars that were created.