Assemble & Join would not be possible without the support of local businesses. We have been lucky enough to have materials and services donated to the project from various organisations. We would like to thank these businesses and the people behind them for their on going support.


The Assemble & Join community micro-manufacturing workshop is an on going project and we need all the help we can get, to continue to provide this service to the local community, on Lower Marsh. If you think you can help or donate materials, we would love to hear from you.

Online Repro

We would like to thank John and his staff at Online Repro for supplying the printing for the project.

The Tool Shop logo

We would like to thank Vin and his staff at The Tool Shop on Lower Marsh, for supplying building materials for the refit of the workshop.

The Perseverance Logo

We would like to thank Dom and his staff at The Perseverance, Marylebone for supplying beer for the local launch event.

Kingsbury Group logo

We would like to thank Hitesh and his staff at Kingsbury Group, for supplying materials for the A&J workshop.


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