Assemble & Join run community micro-manufacturing workshops that re-imagines the role a high street can take within a community and in turn the role a community can play in the way an area develops over time.

We offer communities, school children, shopkeepers, market traders and community groups the chance to collectively research, design and build changes to the public realm to better suit their needs, as well as those of the community as a whole. This  includes everything from wayfinding schemes and flat-pack market stalls and seating systems.

The Assemble & Join Team

The Assemble & Join team in their former workshop on Lower Marsh

The Workshop

The workshops centres around a CNC machine, with the A&J team working with local people to collaboratively design, manufacture and build their ideas on site in a matter of minutes. All machinery is on view, meaning workshoppers can watch their designs come to life in real time workshops and drop-in sessions and it will be completely free for local residents, schools and businesses.

A&J is bringing digital manufacturing to the high street, meaning anybody and hopefully everybody is able to play a more active role in shaping where they live and work.

Assemble & Join's CNC machine

Assemble & Join’s precision wood cutting CNC machine

Support Us

At A&J we have big plans. However, we are a small team and working on a limited budget. As such we are looking for a raft of support. If you think you could help us with materials, expertise or would like to sponsor A&J please do get in touch.

A&J Lower Marsh

The Assemble & Join workshop on Lower Marsh is now closed, please keep an eye on our website for new A&J projects in the coming months.

We will be installing outputs designed and made by the local people of Lower Marsh on street in month or so.

Future A&J Projects

We are currently looking in to various options for the next A&J workshop and we will announce future openings on this website shortly.

If you would like to discuss a project or an opportunity with the team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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